Ciúnas plays Irish music and was was formed in 1997 around the Dublin Guitarist Eddie McLachlan. The group draws it's particular strength from the original backgrounds of of...

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Since 1981 I have been a member of Gandalf’s band. Initially I played keyboards later mainly flutes and saxophones. I have been accompanying Gandalf on numerous tours through Europe and to Brazil....

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Sing meinen Tag

Dou-Project with Kerstin Tauer

Demo Videos: 



ZigZag - world jazz

"ZigZag" - a world jazz project of the Upper Austrian guitraists Markus Herbst and Wolfgang Sambs (the composeres...

Ursula Leutgöb - singer songwriter

Songs by and with Ursula Leutgöb in German language...

Around Midnight

This group plays authentic dance music and jazz in a duo up to octet.
Christian Terzinsky — piano, keyboard, trumpet, vocals
Gerald Lee Pfister —...

Rudis Swing Five

Since 1978 I have been playing authentic dance music with Rudi (all standard ballroom dances and Latin American dances) and music for celebations in church - audiosample

Big Tilt Kozmic Band

The music show „So leicht und so frei” takes the awareness of life of the „ROARING SIXTIES” to Vienna and to the Viennese dialect.
Helga Leitner...



On the CDs of Ciúnas you can hear nearly all of my instruments (Irish concert flute, whistles, soprano sax, tenor sax, bodhrán, djembe, spoons, keyboard and vocals).

Ursula Leutgöb

On the CDs "Schattenlicht""hoamfind'n" ...


I am represented on various LP and CD productions of Gandalf with my flute, bamboo flutes, soprano sax and backing vocals since 1982....

CPO music

Studio - production - publishing
Erich Buchebner

At CPO I have mainly played flute and ethno flutes on various jingles and CDs.
For example you can hear my bamboo flutes in the...


Flutes at Lanvalls CD Auramony...