Ciúnas plays Irish music and was was formed in 1997 around the Dublin Guitarist Eddie McLachlan. The group draws it's particular strength from the original backgrounds of of it's individual members to bring their music to, as yet, unexplored dimensions.
Co-productions with the Austrian Master in Irish Step Irish Fire.

  • Eddie McLachlan - guitar, electric-guitar, bouzuki, vocals
  • Peter Aschenbrenner - Irish flutes and whistles, sax, vocals, bodhrán
  • Toni Burger - violin, vocals)
  • Alex Meissl - bass, percussion
  • Agnes Milewski - vocals, guitar

Below two videos of the concert in Galerie Eichgraben, Sept. 2013

Video 1   Video 2

Audiosample - Iris
Audiosample - Knocknabower Polka
Audiosample - Groovy Princess