The sound studio in the heart of the Vienna Woods

For a long time, it has been my dream to merge the two areas of my life in which I have been formally trained—the areas of technology and music—in order to make the best use of my abilities. In 1998, I opened up a cosy little sound studio, which is designed to make recording a pleasurable experience for all.

Everything under one roof

PA Studio is equipped to create excellent photos for your CD cover by use of a digital reflex camera and the appropriate lighting equipment. If you would like us to do so, we would be glad to prepare all of your printed material, from texts to photos and graphic design. My daughter, Nora, a professional graphic designer, would be pleased to assist you with her expertise. She is known professionally as “arona-design,” and was responsible for designing this homepage. Since 2006, my son, Fabian, has been part of our team, as well, contributing his know-how as Event Technician.


Ensembles without amplification (vocal groups, wind ensembles, guitars, choirs) folk and jazz ensembles, pop bands, musicals, demo recordings (for example, as birthday presents), audio book recording, high-quality audio dubbing, live recording...