Wooden Low Whistle in D

This low whistle with tuning joint is available in a variety of woods: African blackwood, mopane, leadwood or rosewood. All joints and metal fittings are made of brass, optionally silver-plated or gold-plated.

The low whistle made of African blackwood creates a full sound which is rich in overtones and carries well.
The low whistle made of mopane creates a rounder sound which is slightly softer.
The sound of the rosewood low whistle takes a position between blackwood and mopane. Leadwood sounds clear and strong. But please note, due to the density of all these precious woods, the sound differences are only relatively small.

These instruments have a more powerful sound than most low whistles, due to the way in which they are built. Their sound remains powerful in the lower range, but is as well characterized by the warmth created by wood. Because they are built with a conical bore, their overall length is shorter than that of a typical aluminium low whistle, which is cylindrically bored. For this reason, they are comfortable to hold and easier to finger.

Due to species protection regulations, all kinds of Rosewood, including African Blackwood, are difficult to obtain and require CITES documents. Please note the extra charge in the price list.

Watch a video from my workshop about the production of my low whistles.

The sound samples underneath the pictures demonstrate the wonderful but slightly different sound of these instruments.

Videos of a low D whistle of Mopane - with Sí Bheag Sí Mhór - The Monaghan Jig and the Canonic Sonata No. 1 by Georg Philipp Telemann

Videos of a low D whistle of Leadwood -  with Si Bheag Si Mhór - The Monaghan Jig und der Kanonischen Sonate Nr. 1 by Georg Philipp Telemann


head with tuning joint
Low-D in Box
mopane head
brass fitting with engraving
Low D Leadwood
Leadwood, silver plated joints
hond. rosewood, brass
Head with brass bush, silver plated
Head with brass bush
Blackwood, Reels
Blackwood, Telemann
Honduras Rosewood, Reels
Honduras Rosewood, Telemann
Mopane, Reels
Mopane, Telemann