Whistle (high) with cork joint

Experience the famous "Irish sound" at its best, without the metalic edge.

This whistle can be made of either Mopane, Rosewood or African Blackwood, whereby mopane creates a slightly darker sound. The exceptional accoustical properties of these woods, combined with the instrument`s specific design lend the whistles their characteristic clear response and warm, well-rounded sound. On request I also use European woods.

The brass rings are also available in silver- or gold plated.

Due to species protection regulations, all kinds of Rosewood, including African Blackwood, are difficult to obtain and require CITES documents. Please note the extra charge in the price list.



Mopane, Paddy Fahy's Reel
Mopane, The Goldring
rosewood whistle with cork joint
Rosewood - silverplated rings
mopane head with blackwood plug
brass ring on mopane whistle
head detail