Low Whistle in F, G or A

This low whistles with tuning joint are available in African Blackwood, Rosewood and Mopane. On request I also use European woods. All joints and metal fittings are made of brass.

Due to species protection regulations, all kinds of Rosewood, including African Blackwood, are difficult to obtain and require CITES documents. Please note the extra charge in the price list.


Road to Errogie - African Blackwood - Low F
Road to Errogie - Mopane - Low F
Paddy Fahy's/Sean Reid's - blackwood - Low G
Paddy Fahy's/Sean Reid's - plumwood - Low G
Lord Inchiquin (O'Carolan)- blackwood - Low G
Lord Inchiquin (O'Carolan)- plumwood - Low G
Low-F African Blackwood
Low-F Mopane
Low F in wooden case
Low-G blackwood
Low-G head plumwood
Head plumwood, blackwood, cornel, metal sleeve
Low-G head blackwood
Low-G in box (plumwood)
Low-G blackwood in box