Low Whistle in F, G or A

This low whistles with tuning joint are available in African Blackwood, Rosewood and Mopane. All joints and metal fittings are made of brass.


Road to Errogie - African Blackwood - Low F
Road to Errogie - Mopane - Low F
Paddy Fahy's/Sean Reid's - blackwood - Low G
Paddy Fahy's/Sean Reid's - plumwood - Low G
Lord Inchiquin (O'Carolan)- blackwood - Low G
Lord Inchiquin (O'Carolan)- plumwood - Low G
Low-F African Blackwood
Low-F Mopane
Low F in wooden case
Low-G blackwood
Low-G head plumwood
Head plumwood, blackwood, cornel, metal sleeve
Low-G head blackwood
Low-G in box (plumwood)
Low-G blackwood in box