So leicht und so frei

(So Easy and So Free)

A demo CD for a live concert program by Helga Leitner. Songs of Janis Joplin and contemporaries. Songtexts translated into Viennese dialect by Helga Leitner.
Helga Leitner - vocals, autoharp, bass
Günther Viktor Wlach - guitar, vocals
Reinhold Nowotny - keyboard, piano, tenor sax, accordion, vocals
Manfred Nowotny - bass, sax
Severin Driessen - drums
Edgar Pleyer - electric guitar, vocals
Peter Aschenbrenner - sax, flute, harmonica, vocals

Photography: Pertti Pullinen
Design: arona-design | Nora Aschenbrenner

Year of production: 2003
Artist: Helga Leitner
Big Tilt Kozmic Band


No a klanes Stückl (Piece of my heart)
Helferlein fia Mama (Mothers little helper)
Schleich di (Move over)
Auf´n Willi (Ode to Billy Joe)
D´ Rosn (The Rose)