Gravel Walk

The first CD made by the group Ciúnas (at that point in time known as the Gravel Band) contains traditional irish music performed on accoustical instruments, electric guitar, electric bass and vocals.

This project constitutes the maiden voyage of the PA-Studio in Altlengbach.

Year of production: 1998
Artist: Ciúnas
Eddie McLachlan, Regina Schabasser, Peter Aschenbrenner


The Gravel Walk (Trad.)
Changing Your Demeanour (Kevin Conneff)
Lord Inchiquin (O' Carolan)
The Wild Rover (Trad.)
Morrison's Jig - Morpeth Rant (Trad.)
Carrickfergus (Trad.)
Dulaman (Trad.)
Lily Of The West (Trad.)
Si Beag Si Mor (O' Carolan)
Belfast Hornpipe (Trad.)
Whiskey In The Jar (Trad.)
Ride On (Jimmy McCarthy)