Celtic Tiger

The members of Ciunas use primarily traditional accoustic instruments (irish concert flute, whistles, bodhrán, guitar and accordion) for the interpretation of their instrumental and vocal repertoire, which is composed of their own arrangements of traditional and original compositions (Eddie McLachlan).

Layout: arona-design| Nora Aschenbrenner
Photographs: Ciúnas

Year of production: 2001
Artist: Ciúnas
Eddie McLachlan, Sonja McLachlan, Regina Schabasser, Peter Aschenbrenner



Celtic Tiger (Eddie McLachlan)
Three Jigs (Trad.)
I Know My Love (Trad.)
The Long Black Veil (Marijohn Wilkin)
O´ Carolan´s Concerto (O´ Carolan)
That London Winter (Eddie McLachlan)
Dunmore Lassies (Trad.)
Siúil A Rúin (Trad.)
Glenside Polkas (Trad.)
The Jug Of Punch (Trad.)
The Bridge Of Tears (Eddie McLachlan)
Willie Taylor (Trad.)
River Of Gems (Davy Spillane)